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건설 현장

Beatrice Development Co., Ltd.

A group of experts who create a happy residential life

​Beatrice Development is...

With creativity, precision and patience 

We aim for a better residential and commercial environment.

Beyond the realm of simple 'implementation' projects, 

with a differentiated development strategy

happy living lifestyle

A group of experts who design and realize it!

This is Beatrice Development Co., Ltd.

Therefore, in traditional implementation projects, wenot staying,

 finance, Overall space business including marketing, PR, and environment

encompassing Securing expertise to change the existing paradigm

to upgrade further

game changer  will be game changer 

사무실에서 서류를 검토 중인 사람

​Business area

with more than 30 years of experience

 Directed by the top-level developer group,

stable end of businesshaeju with top tier financial institutions

Connect with your financial plan.

In addition, to improve sales performance 

By recruiting people from the best marketing companies in Korea 

Marketing-promotion specialized for business locations 

We are working hard.


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